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Django Framework
Django is good for getting a python developer job, being a freelance or starting your own eCommerce company. You should know python programming before learning django, and not just the basic bits but full object oriented programming. At we also offer advanced python and django with a very effective placement assistance. Don't think much, you can learn it and we will teach you. Also check jobportal websites to understand the growing need for Python Django developers.
Duration & Pricing

Only django framework ₹9,000
(Weekday: 3 Weeks, Weekend: 6 Weeks)
Advanced python and django18,000 ₹17,000
(Weekday: 6 Weeks, Weekend: 12 Weeks)
Python (Basics & Advanced)+ Django + Placement30,000 ₹28,000
(Weekday: 8 Weeks, Weekend: 16 Weeks)

  1. One class duration: Weekday: 90 mins, Weekend: 150 mins
  2. Online classes: Live classes via gotomeeting platform. Course content is same as classroom but no placement assistance.
track_changes Change track, if necessary: If you wish to change the batch timings or batch cycle (weekday/weekend) or study center (HSR Layout, RM Nagar or Online), you can do it very easily. Backup classes are also available in case you miss any. And if you miss too many classes in a batch you can rejoin another batch but only once.
Upcoming Batches: Call +91-9986877711 to know the next available batch.
  1. Weekday (Mon-Fri) : 1-2 batches start every month.
  2. Weekend (Sat-Sun) : 1 batch starts every month.
  3. Online  (Sat-Sun) : 1 batch starts every month.
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  1. Step 1: Either start with python or clear a python basics test.
  2. Step 2: Start taking classes. In every course first 3 classes are free.
  3. Step 3: Pay and continue if the training is helpful.
Django framework syllabus - View Python Syllabus -

Python Django Training Part 1: Getting started with Django

  1. Introduction to django framework
  2. Django project architecture
  3. Installation and virtual env. setup
  4. Creating a django project
  5. Running the django project

Python Django Training Part 2: Django - Urls and Views

  1. Djnago app architecture
  2. Requests and Responses
  3. urls
  4. view functions
  5. First django app - 'Hello World'

Python Django Training Part 3: Django - Models

  1. Understanding django models - sqlite3
  2. Model fields & field options
  3. Model relationships
  4. Working with makemigrations and migrate

Python Django Training Part 4: Django - Admin & ModelAdmin

  1. Django admin - the basics
  2. Users and groups
  3. ModelAdmin
  4. Admin options

Python Django Training Part 5: Django - Templates & Static

  1. Making HTML template pages
  2. Template tags and filters
  3. Frontend framework - Materialize CSS
  4. Template inheritance
  5. Static files - images, css, js

Python Django Training Part 6: Django - Forms & ModelForm

  1. Understanding forms
  2. GET and POST methods
  3. Form fields and field options
  4. ModelForm
  5. Form validation

Python Django Training Part 7: Django - Queryset

  1. Query expressions
  2. Conditional expressions
  3. Database functions
  4. Retrieve data from models
  5. 404_page_not_found

Python Django Training Part 8: Django - auth and session

  1. Django - Authentication
  2. User table
  3. Login & Signup app
  4. Sessions

Python Django Training Part 9: Common web application tools

  1. Caching
  2. Email sending
  3. Pagination
  4. Sitemaps
  5. Static file management
  6. Data validation

Python Django Training Part 10: Social media like, share, comment

  1. Working with facebook APIs
  2. fLike and fShare
  3. Commenting using facebook

Python Django Training Part 11: Deploying django project on Cloud

  1. Deploying project on Github and PythonAnywhere cloud
Additional benefits
  1. 2 classroom projects
  2. 1 assignment project
  3. Certificate
  4. Interview Q&A
  5. Placement assistance
  1. What is django?
    In simple words - You can create the coolest websites like Instagram, YouTube, Quora etc. using Python code and Django libraries.
  2. How much python programming I should now before taking Django?
    A fair bit. Getting started is easy but a 100% whatever you code in django project is python object oriented programming. Focus more on chapters like Data Structures, Functions, OOPs concepts, re, decorators etc.
  3. Is it good for freshers or experienced?
    Both. Best for freshers to 4 years. People will to switch career path to developer should consider this course as well. Freshers need not worry about 60% criteria.
  4. What kind of company is hiring django developers?
    A lot of companies from Facebook to Start-ups, check it on Jobportals. You can also be a freelancer or start your own eCommerce website.
  5. What kind of projects we do?
    Real world, industry standard project, some pre-implemented and some chosen by the batch participants. Eg. Placement portal, Inventory management, Quora like QA forum, Blogger, eCommerce websites etc.
  6. Can i get additional projects to match my experience?
    Yes. We are happy to share other project source code and their description. Before adding it to your resume, get it explained by a mentor.
  7. How does the placement services work?
    It works via referrals. We give you 2 referrals for some very relevant django developer profile into the best company we can. They are not always Fortune 500 but they still will train and pay you well.
  8. What is placement guarantee fee?
    If the 2 free referrals did not work for you. Get 10 more within next 60 days by paying an additional fee. This additional fee is fully refundable if the outcome is otherwise.
  9. How much is the salary of a django developer?
    Can't tell. Statistically speaking for Indian market, freshers are getting 3.5 to 5.5 LPA, experience people can go for a near 30% hike. Internships are common too.