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Networking Automation

This course gives the ability to write python scripts for automation networking or storage automation, devops, unix administration etc. Major offerings include xml and yml file handling, regex, Robot framework, config. mgmt - Ansible, CI - Jenkins, configuring Cisco routers etc. Course syllabus is customizable.

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Learning Objectives :In this module, you can learn about automatic Source Code Management using GIT and Continuous Integration using Jenkins.

Topics-Introduction to VCS and GIT,GIT File workflow, Important GIT Commands, Introduction to Continuous Integration and Jenkins, Plugin Management in Jenkins, Various scenarios of Building Delivery Pipeline.

Practicals to be covered : Show the various GIT commands to push and pull a repository, Understanding of the Jenkins UI

Learning Objectives :In this module, you can learn how to build an appropriate delivery pipeline and perform test automation on it. You can also understand the various security options and notification management in Jenkins.

Topics-Build Setup in Jenkins, Test Automation, Security in Jenkins, Notification System.

Practicals to be covered : Create a build pipeline from compilation to deployment of application.

Learning Objectives :This module will help you identify the difference between containers and VMs. You can learn about virtualization using Docker. You can also deep dive into image and containers concept in Docker.

Topics : What and Why of Containers, Introduction to Docker, Docker Fundamentals, Image Distribution, Docker Containers.

Practicals to be covered : Create First Image: Hello-World, Images Demo b Image Basics and Base Image Maintenance, Containers Demo by Manage Container, Create Images From Containers.

Learning Objectives : This module deals with the various networking concepts in Docker, the best way to use the Docker Volume, and creating a Docker file.

Topics :Docker Networking, Docker Volumes, Docker Files.

Practicals to be covered : Exposing Container Ports to the Host, Adding Content to Containers, Create Docker File.

Learning Objectives : This module introduces you to an important topic called "Infrastructure -as-Code". You can learn about the master-agent architecture and catalog compilation in Puppet. You will also learn to write a Puppet program using Puppet DSL.

Topics: Puppet Introduction, Puppet Architecture, Basic Puppet Terminologies, Puppet Language Constructs.

Practicals to be covered : Show the folder structure in Puppet master and client, Install Apache Tomcat, Install JDK.

Introduction to Ansible

Topics - What is Ansible?, Ansible Architecture, Why is Ansible different from other tools?

Ansible Foundation

Topics - Configure Ansible, Inventory Management, Ansible Modules, Ansible Tasks, Ansible AD-HOC Commands.

Playbooks & Variables

Topics - What is Ansible Playbook?, Organizing Tasks in Ansible Playbook, Introduction to YAML, Writing a Playbook, Writing a Playbook using variables.

Ansible Modules

Topics - What are Ansible Modules?, Using Modules in a Playbook.

Ansible Roles

Topics - What are Ansible Roles?, Using Roles in Playbook.

Ansible Command Line Usage

Topics - Ansible Command Line – Installation, Ansible Command Line – Services and Hosts, Ansible Command Line - Commands and Shells, Ansible Command Line - Managing Users, Ansible Command Line - Create and Manage Cron Jobs, Ansible Command Line - Running Arbitrary Commands, Ansible Command Line - Output Tree.

devu.in follows pratical teaching approach in classroom which helped me clear job interviews.
Hands on learning. Spends More time on practical sessions.

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