Python Programming (Basic + Advance)

If you are a beginner to python or programming, it is best to go with python basics & advanced training. If you are confident about python basics, jump directly to advanced python training. Any other training you require like selenium, networking & storage automation, django framework, data analytics, machine learning, GIS etc. starts after this. Since is exclusive to python training we have several offerings, if you are not sure about selecting one, you can still start here.

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GUI Programming
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  GUI Programming

  • Introduction to Python
  • Origin of Python
  • Key features in Python
  • Areas of applications of Python
  • Installation & Environment setup
  • "Hello World" program
  • Python programming syntaxes

  • Objective Type Question

Sub Topics:
  • Variable properties
  • Scope of variable
  • Operators in Python
  • Operator precedence
  • Basic I/O using input() and print()

  • Multiple Assignment, type() function, Swap values, Type casting, Add Two Numbers, len() function, Biggest Number, Temperature Conversion

Sub Topics:
  • Decision making using if-elif-else
  • Iteration using for loop and range()
  • while loop and while-else
  • break, continue and pass

  • Even/Odd, Divisibility, Equilateral Triangle, FizzBuzz, Count Vowel, Vowel Percentage, Delete Vowels, range() of numbers, range() of odd numbers, Descending numbers, break, continue, Triple Double Vowels, Sum of last digits, Add digits of mobile numbers

Sub Topics:
  • Integers and float
  • Complex numbers
  • Random numbers
  • Math library

  • Add complex, hex() and oct(), Import Math Library, Exponent, Modulus and floor division, Determine even, Pythagoras' Theorem, Sum of squares, Area of circle, Check Divisibility, Concatenation Repetition, Car Puzzle

Sub Topics:
  • String overview & properties
  • String formatting
  • String functions

  • Ascii order, Sorted string, Swapcase, Starts and ends with vowel, Capitalize vowels, Pallindrome, Sorted list of vowels, Word count, Replace, Find case insensitive, Count substring, Common letters, Anagram, Validate password, Validate IP address

Sub Topics:
  • List overview & properties
  • List functions
  • List comprehension

  • Count odd, Sum of prime, Common elements, Remove Common, Sorted Words, Maximun & Minimum Average, Largest Indexes, Book Page Digits, Positive First Digit Sum, Keyword Search

Sub Topics:
  • Tuple overview & properties
  • Tuple functions

  • Sum of first and last numbers, Add values in tuple, Sum of first digits, Sorted tuple of numbers, Highest Value Enumeration

Sub Topics:
  • Dictionary overview & properties
  • Dictionary functions
  • Dictionary comprehensions

  • Nested dictionary, Information mapping, Update, get(key), Reverse key:value pair, Count of each vowel, zip(), Sparce vector

  • Set overview & properties
  • Set functions

  • Intersection, Union, Difference, Symmetric difference, Disjoint sets, Remove list duplicates, Frozen set

Sub Topics:
  • Functions overview
  • lambda function
  • Recursive functions
  • map, filter and reduce
  • Modules and packages

Sub Topics:
  • Exceptions & Errors
  • Handling exceptions using try-except-else-finally
  • Causing exceptions using raise-assert
  • Making your own exception object
  • Python exception hierarchy

Sub Topics:
  • Working with files open(), close(), closed, with, access modes
  • Working with file cursor seek(), tell()
  • Reading text files readable(), read(), readline(), readlines()
  • Writing into text files writable(), write(), writelines()
  • Working with CSV files reader(), writer(), writerow(), writerows()

Sub Topics:
  • Working with xml files
  • etree parsing
  • XML to CSV convertor
  • Web scraping of sitemap.xml
  • Working with JSON files

Sub Topics:
  • Understanding database i/o
  • Working with sqlite3 database
  • Working with MySQL database
  • Working with MongoDB

Sub Topics:
  • Pattern matching
  • Understanding meta characters
  • re functions and flags

Sub Topics:
  • Operating System Interface
  • Command Line Arguments
  • Error Output Redirection and Program Termination
  • Dates and Times
  • Data Compression
  • Performance Measurement
  • Output Formatting

This module is primarily a demo of an AWS Project using a real-life case study. It also has a Q&A session to prepare learners for AWS certifications. 

Sub Topics:
  • Object oriented terminologies
  • Python Scopes and Namespaces
  • Static and Instance Variables
  • Inheritance and Overriding
  • Data abstraction and hiding
  • Iterators, Generators & Decorators
  • Multi-threading and multi-processing
  • Locks in thread

Sub Topics:
  • Overview of socket programming
  • Client-server architecture
  • Message sharing using client-server

Sub Topics:
  • Working with SMTP object
  • Email sending automation

Sub Topics:
  • Using tkinter library for app GUI
  • App 1: YouTube Downloader
  • App 2: Data convertors
  • App 3: File zip/unzip
  • App 4: Bulk e-mailer
  • App 5: Chat application follows pratical teaching approach in classroom which helped me clear job interviews.
I attended the class in Feb-Mar 2018. The best part of devU training is exclusive and in-depth training. They have an online practice portal like no other institute in Bangalore. I could also get help on my company project. Thank you devU HSR branch. I would request you all to attend the demo class and see for yourselves.

Date published: 08/05/2018
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