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Python Basics & Advanced
If you are a beginner to python or programming, it is best to go with python basics & advanced training. If you are confident about python basics, jump directly to advanced python training. Any other training you require like selenium, networking & storage automation, django framework, data analytics, machine learning, GIS etc. starts after this. Since is exclusive to python training we have several offerings, if you are not sure about selecting one, you can still start here.
Duration & Pricing

Python Basics only ₹7,000
(Weekday: 2 Weeks, Weekend: 4 Weeks)
Advanced Python only ₹9,000
(Weekday: 3 Weeks, Weekend: 6 Weeks)
Complete Python Basics & Advanced16,000 ₹15,000
(Weekday: 5 Weeks, Weekend: 10 Weeks, Fast-track: 12 days)

  1. One class duration: Weekday: 80 mins, Weekend: 120 mins, Fasttrack: 200 min
  2. Total class duration: 40 hours classroom Weekday: 80mins*30class, Weekend: 120mins*20class, Fasttrack: 200mins*12class
  3. Online classes: Live classes via gotomeeting platform. Course content is same as classroom.
track_changes Change track, if necessary: If you wish to change the batch timings or batch cycle (weekday/weekend) or study center (HSR Layout, RM Nagar or Online), you can do it very easily. Backup classes are also available in case you miss any. And if you miss too many classes in a batch you can rejoin another batch but only once.
Upcoming Batches: Call +91-9986877711 to know the next available batch.
  1. Weekday & Online: 2 new batches every week.
  2. Weekend batches (It usually gets filled before commencement. Please book you seat early.)
  3. Approximate batch size: Weekend (10), Weekday: (3-8), Online: (2-3)
How it works? airline_seat_recline_extra Book Demo Class
  1. Step 1: Fill enrollment form and book your seat for FREE.
  2. Step 2: Start taking classes. In every course first 3 classes are free.
  3. Step 3: Pay and continue if the training is helpful.
Python Basics Topics - Sample notes -
  1. Introduction to python programming
  2. Variables, operators and application memory
  3. Control flow statements
  4. Primitive data types: Numbers and Strings
  5. List & List comprehensions
  6. Tuples, Dictionary and Sets
  7. Functions, lambda, comprehensions and higher order functions
  8. Introduction to GUI programming
Python Advanced Topics - View/download syllabus -
  1. Recursive functions and modules
  2. Error & Exception handling
  3. File handling (.txt, .csv, .xml, .json)
  4. Regular expressions
  5. Classes and Objects
  6. Generators and decorators
  7. OOPs concept and multithreading
  8. Date, time and memory
  9. Socket programming
  10. Database connectivity -sqlite3, MySQL, MongoDB
  11. Email sending automation
  12. Web scraping and automation
Additional benefits
  1. 200+ practice questions
  2. 5 projects
    • 1) Exception handling and logging report
    • 2) Stock market PnL statement and graph
    • 3) Cognitive chat application
    • 4) GUI applications: Currency convertor
    • 5) GUI applications: YouTube downloader
  3. 2 mock tests
  4. Certificate
  5. Internships for students
  1. I have work experience but I am new to programming, Can I learn?
    Yes. This is the right place for people new to python or new to programming.
  2. What if I miss a class or want to change my batch timings?
    Backup class can be offered with any other batch or via video tutorials, everytime you miss a class. Change of batch however is allowed only once.
  3. What about placement or internships?
    Only basic course is not enough for placement. Learn a framework with us and we can guarantee your placement. Internship is available for freshers or college students.
  4. What about class size and student demography?
    Batch size for weekend batches is 10 whereas for weekday batches is 3-8. Students are mostly working professionals but new to python so freshers and college students can be comfortable as well.
  5. Tell me about the trainer.
    Important question! Trainers are python programmers with minimum training experience of 5 years. They are knowledgeable, experienced and friendly. You get three classes with the trainer before payment to make an informed choice.
  6. Will I get help on my company or personal project?
    Yes, we will guide. Come for advance classes and most doubts will be gone automatically with increasing knowledge.
  7. Can I get some personal attention or practice after the class?
    Yes, be our guest. We welcome extended support and will be there for you after the class hours as well.
  8. Can I get my money back?
    No, since payment is charged after three classes. You can however change your batch once.
  9. What modes of payments are available?
    Cash, card and IMPS for the most part. Sodexo and Paytm is also accepted partially.
  10. What course should I take after basics?
    It's your choice and you will be able to make an informed choice after completing the basic course. We recommend Django and Data Science for job seekers.
  11. We are a group of friends/colleagues, can we get additional discount?
    No. All students pay same fee for the same training at However, as per the groups requests some additional topic or project can be covered. follows pratical teaching approach in classroom which helped me clear job interviews
I attended the class in Feb-Mar 2018. The best part of devU training is exclusive and in-depth training. They have an online practice portal like no other institute in Bangalore. I could also get help on my company project. Thank you devU HSR branch. I would request you all to attend the demo class and see for yourselves.
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Date published: 08/05/2018
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