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Azure Certifications


Azure Certification Objective

  • Describe Azure architecture components, including infrastructure, tools, and portals
  • Create and manage Azure AD tenants, and configure application integration with Azure AD
  • Integrate on-premises Windows AD with Azure AD
  • Plan and create Azure virtual machines
  • Configure, manage, and monitor Azure virtual machines to optimize availability and reliability

Microsoft says the target of this test is to show basic level information on cloud administrations and how those administrations are given Azure. No earlier specialized IT experience is required.

Why you should choose Devu to take Azure Training?

Microsoft Azure is one of the emerging platforms adopted by top organizations, so getting expertise in this field will get you more career opportunities. Devu Microsoft Azure Course will cover most of the topic and concept that is associated with Azure, making you an expert in Azure infrastructure. From initiation of Azure till deployment aspirants will be trained by our professional faculties. We conduct online courses and training sessions too so that you can continue learning at your own pace. We train our candidates to implement real-time projects in the Microsoft Azure platform.

Who Should Do Microsoft Azure Course?

  • Professionals preparing for Microsoft Azure Exam
  • IT Professionals looking for hands-on training on Azure technologies
  • New entrepreneurs/companies who wishes to build their IT infrastructure in the cloud at a fraction of the cost of traditional methods
  • Operations team willing to learn more about implementing cloud solutions
  • Solutions Architects

What skills will you learn?

Upon successful conclusion of the online Program, You’ll Be able to:

  • Comprehend Azure program layout and connectivity routines, Azure media topologies, and Azure storage centers
  • Learn How to produce, read, update, and delete tables using code
  • Design an Azure program service net app using Azure CLI, Powershell, along with other programs
  • Create Azure functions such as bindings and activates
  • Create an Azure Container Service (ACS/AKS) bunch using Azure CLI along with Azure Portal
  • Develop media options Using AI solutions
  • Secure information options using encryption, Azure private computing, along with SSL/TLS communications
  • Develop for asynchronous processing and also Know How to execute the Proper asynchronous compute model
  • Employ autoscaling on your answer and also execute code which addresses the transient condition
  • Find out How to execute large scale, high-definition and concurrent programs using batches
  • Manage APIs using API Management (APIM)
  • Create an APIM example, configure authentication to get APIs, produce a API gateway, and also specify policies for APIs
  • Publish a message-based integration structure Using the employment contained in Azure
  • Publish an program or support to deliver email
  • Develop a Software message version, such as message schema and message trade
  • Create an occasion version, themes, along with subscriptions
  • Develop options utilizing Computer-vision
  • Employ address solutions and natural language processing on your program
  • Design and handle dictionaries to get Fa-Q creation using QnA Maker
  • Configure Azure Time-series Insights to the IoT alternative
  • Publish the Stream Analytics Service for inputs and inputs to the IoT apparatus



  • What is cloud computing?


It is the use of servers on the internet to “store”, “manage” and “process” data. The difference is, instead of using your own servers, you are using someone else’s servers to do your task, paying them for the amount of time you use it for.


·        What is Microsoft Azure and why is it used?

The companies which provide the cloud service are called the Cloud Providers. There are a lot of cloud providers out there, out of them one is Microsoft Azure. It is used for accessing Microsoft’s infrastructure for cloud.


·        Which of the following web applications can be deployed with Azure?





  • What are the types of roles in Microsoft Azure

Web Role – A web role is basically used to deploy a website, using languages supported by the IIS platform like, PHP, .NET etc. It is configured and customized to run web applications.

Worker Role – A worker role is more like an help to the Web role, it used to execute background processes unlike the Web Role which is used to deploy the website.

VM Role – The VM role is used by a user to schedule tasks and other windows services. This role can be used to customize the machines on which the web and worker role is running.


Course Features

  • Students 350 students
  • Max Students1000
  • Duration10 week
  • Skill levelall
  • LanguageEnglish
  • Re-take courseN/A
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