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HR Might Be Essential To Digital Transformation Accomplishment

HR Might Be Essential To Digital Transformation Accomplishment Electronic Transformations Are Around PeopleEven Though electronic transformation is still technology cantered, It’s really an error to just focus on characters and sections which can be tech-intensive. Electronic transformations are equally as much regarding individuals since they truly have been all about this tech. “There is a…

DIgital Marketing Salary
Professional Courses

Digital Marketing Salary in India for Fresher’s and Experienced

Digital Marketing Salary in India for Fresher’s and Experienced In this Digital Era, numbers of growing companies all across the globe are establishing their online presence; the need for digital marketing is also on a rapid rise. Now-a-days, businesses are more eager and willing to spend on internet-mediated branding, advertising, and marketing activities. Print, television and…

Professional Courses
Professional Courses

5 Trending Professional Job Oriented Courses after Graduation

5 Trending Professional Job Oriented Courses after Graduation Our country, hosts over 700 universities and more than 35,000 affiliated colleges enrolling more than 20 million students every year.  Time has changed drastically – where, there is no longer the era where a graduate degree is considered special. To crack the opportunity of their dreams, most…

Role of SEQ

Why we need to do SEO for Website

Why we need to do SEO for Website? If you are a Business owner or Having a blog website, you know Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is important. But do you Know how it is benefit to your business by optimizing website? Approximate 65% of traffic comes to website from organic search results from different search…

Robot during Covid
Artificial Intelligence

Robots Show Promise in the Fight Against COVID-19

Robots Show Promise in the Fight Against COVID-19   An AI powered robot, Violet, is being tested for disinfecting contaminated surfaces using UV light. Its goal: help overburdened hospitals in the fight against COVID-19   UV-C robots have been used to sterilize hospitals, but most aren’t designed to work with humans in the room. Their…

Automation Testing Training in Bangalore
Data Analytics

Data Science is continuous journey

Data Science is continuous journey Data Science training is a multidisciplinary domain as one needs to catch up with computer science, mathematics, and ML/DL, which cannot be done in a day. Unlike other domains such as java development or web development, in data science,  new developments happens regularly. It is a lifelong process of learning, and if…

Python Training in Bangalore

Top 10 career options of Python developers in 2020

The year 2020 can bea new chapter of the Tech innovation era as technology experts(Technocrats)/developers are working so many new experiments. And as a result,they come up with a unique tech methodology each year, either it is inprogramming (coding), Artificial intelligence (AI), or anything else.  Now let’s come to the point, but before proceeding further,…

devU Python Developer

How to start your career as a Python developer?

Python is a flexible, premier, and powerful general-purpose programming language that is easy to learn and easy to use. Currently, Python is the most popular language for data scientists worldwide. The language is so versatile that If you want to find a banking job related to Python, you’ll find one if you want to find embedded…