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Which Language is better for data Science: Python or Julia?

Which Language is better for data Science: Python or Julia? Both the programming languages have their own element conveyances in data science. The rise of cutting-edge programming languages has driven the universe of developers towards an open source design. Developers and programmers are presently getting more mindful of the properties and functionalities programming languages have.…

will python be replaced

Will Python be Replaced

Over the past year, many programmers have been wondering if Python would soon be replaced by a newer programming language such as Julia, Rust, or Go. But I would like to dive into what the data actually shows us and I will let you make your own conclusions. To begin with, let’s begin with a…

Python Training in Bangalore

Top 10 career options of Python developers in 2020

The year 2020 can bea new chapter of the Tech innovation era as technology experts(Technocrats)/developers are working so many new experiments. And as a result,they come up with a unique tech methodology each year, either it is inprogramming (coding), Artificial intelligence (AI), or anything else.  Now let’s come to the point, but before proceeding further,…

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How to start your career as a Python developer?

Python is a flexible, premier, and powerful general-purpose programming language that is easy to learn and easy to use. Currently, Python is the most popular language for data scientists worldwide. The language is so versatile that If you want to find a banking job related to Python, you’ll find one if you want to find embedded…