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Data Analytics

Data Science is continuous journey

Datascience is a continuous journey

Data Science is continuous journey

Data Science training is a multidisciplinary domain as one needs to catch up with computer science, mathematics, and ML/DL, which cannot be done in a day. Unlike other domains such as java development or web development, in data science,  new developments happens regularly. It is a lifelong process of learning, and if one continues in this journey with patience, results will be favourable.

A data scientist is an analytics expert responsible for collecting, cleansing and transforming data into invaluable insights. Often, data scientists began their careers as statisticians or data analysts. But with the evolution of big data, the roles of data scientists also evolved. Aspirants should learn various tools like Python, SQL, and ML/DL frameworks solve real-world unsolved AI problems, code every day and play with data . They should also learn what goes under the ML/DL algorithm to develop a strong foundation of the subject, be curious to create new opportunity to further develop the ideas of algorithms, and most importantly focused.

Today, data science is gaining rapid attention as companies are using voluminous data from websites, mobile devices, social media platforms and others, which is leading to big data trends. To process and derive meaningful insights from that data, businesses seek data analytics skills. This is where data scientists play a significant role. Many facets of data science are transforming continuously and is expected to change even more intensely in years to come.

With the growing landscape of data, companies are actively looking for data science experts in order to collect the massive value of data and drive efficiency. In India, the demand of data scientists is growing at a striking pace as a large number of overseas companies are looking at the country as their business growth opportunity.