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Difference between digital marketing and SEO

Digital Marketing vs SEO

Difference between digital marketing and SEO

Digital Marketing:

Digital marketing is a new form of marketing which uses digital platforms to promote their products and services.

As the people who use digital devices and platforms are increasing in daily life, most of the businesses have stopped using the traditional approach and have adopted digital marketing. Digital marketing has different names a few of them are ‘online marketing, ‘web marketing’, ‘Internet marketing’.  The main focus of digital marketing is making people aware about a particular brand. Digital Marketing is in boom today and is supposed to grow more in the coming years.


SEO is the process of increasing traffic to your online content like website, web page, blogs, articles, etc in search engines. In simple words to be on the top list of the search results through a particular keyword. The basic goal is to increase the leads, sales, and grow the business online.

SEO is important because all the businesses use online marketing today so the competition is high. To get the customers attracted to your website and not the competitor’s it is required to know about SEO.

Is Digital Marketing and SEO the same?

The answer to this question is NO. Although digital marketing and SEO are confused to be synonyms it is not true they both are two different things and they work differently.

Different types of digital marketing:

We know how all the businesses are using online platforms to promote their products, but to increase the traffic to a particular website there are certain tools or types of digital marketing that can be used for the same.

SEM(search engine marketing)

SEO(search engine optimization)

PPC(pay per click)

SMM(Social media marketing)

Content Marketing

Email marketing

Influencer/ Affiliate Marketing

Viral advertising

You can say like SEO is a part or subset of digital marketing.

Difference between digital marketing and SEO:

  1. SEO is a tool used in Digital Marketing:

Digital marketing is very vast and has various categories and subdomains in it. SEO is such one part of digital marketing


  1. Type of traffic:

Digital marketing and SEO both use a different type of traffics that is SEO uses free traffic means the higher the page is displayed in search results more free organic traffic and digital marketing uses paid traffic and uses pay per click and many other tools.

  1. SEO cost versus digital marketing cost:

SEO doesn’t have any cost means as it has unpaid traffic and the only cost is spent on an SEO expert whereas digital marketing uses paid ads and the cost might increase up to thousands depending on the company budget.

  1. SEO consultant versus Digital marketing manager:

An SEO consultant is the one who helps and focuses on increasing the website traffic and enhancing your position in the search results whereas a digital marketing manager handles SEO and many other things like content marketing, social media, email marketing, etc.

Is SEO better to learn or digital marketing?

Well, we know that more knowledge is never bad so if you learn digital marketing you will know about SEO also. You can explore digital marketing and study about other types as well then you choose which one is more interesting and proceed accordingly.



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