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Professional Machine Learning Engineer certification

Machine Learning Certification

Professional Machine Learning Engineer certification

Google Cloud has added a Beta version of a new Professional-level certificate to their available paths. The Professional Machine Learning Engineer certification exam will assess applicants’ comprehension of machine learning practices and execution on the Google Cloud Platform.

The exam covers various machine learning (ML) topics, oriented towards designing and implementing solutions with the TensorFlow deep-learning frame and GCP providers. There are no hard pre requisites, but Google urges candidates have three or more years of experience with GCP. The exam fee is $120, and the certification is valid for 2 years. Just like all GCP certificates, applicants that pass the exam will get several benefits, including a numbered certificate, a digital badge, and the option to be listed from the GCP Credential Holder Directory. Google also asserts that”nearly 1 in five” GCP certificate holders received a lift post-certification.

The examination covers the following areas:

  • ML Problem Framing: Assessing business needs into M L requirements, such as identifying the Sort of ML alternative (e.g., classification or regression)
  • M L Solution Architecture: Pinpointing the most Appropriate GCP solutions to use for the ML alternative
  • Data Preparation and Processing: attribute designing and engineering info pipelines
  • ML Model Development: picking model frameworks; training and testing models
  • M L Pipeline Automation & Orchestration: utilizing CI/CD to train and deploy models
  • ML Solution Tracking, Optimization, and Maintenance: production troubleshooting and performance tuning for models

Since ancient 2017, GCP has received a Professional Data Engineer certification that comes with a machine learning component. However, the material has been centered on”operationalizing” m l models, whereas the new exam covers the complete m l lifecycle. The new exam’s guide additionally calls two technologies specific to Google’s deep-learning frame TensorFlow: TFRecords and also TensorFlow Transform. The exam otherwise seems to be more framework-agnostic, though still oriented around using GCP solutions.

As was finished with several of its certifications, GCP is initially offering this brand new exam as Abeta. As stated by the certificate documentation, Beta exams are”opened for an extremely short window, and also can be found occasionally.” Historically, the Beta period for most previous assessments has skyrocketed just a few months. A-beta exam is longer than other exams and is currently offered in English only, however the registration fee is discounted by 40%. Much like additional exams, the Beta exam also has to be taken at a dedicated exam facility .

To help quantify the worth of certificate, Google recently commissioned that an”independent thirdparty research company” to survey 1,789 individuals who recently acquired a GCP certificate. The survey results showed that the certification helped the holders with job hunt, promotionsand pay raises. In line with this survey, nearly 20% received a raise, and more than 25% of holders”took on more responsibilities or leadership roles.”

One other leading cloud providers, Amazon Internet Services (AWS) and also Microsoft Azure, have certificate programs similar to the Google Cloud program, for example certifications focused on machine learning and AI. AWS announced its machine-learning specialization exam in overdue 2018 and Microsoft announced their AI and statistics science certifications in ancient 20-19. Even though the Google Developer Network released a TensorFlow certificate earlier this year, that really is GCP’s very first ML-specific Professional-level certification. In a talk on Reddit, 1 user noted

Unlike GCP’s additional certifications, the brand newest exam doesn’t have any practice exam available.