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About Python

Python programming language is the fastest growing language in 2019. It is simple in syntax, yet very powerful due to its vast set of libraries. Python scripting is used in the area of testing and network automation. Python is also a great tool for data analytics, machine learning and artificial intelligence. Instagram and Quora is also built using python and django.

Python training in Bangalore can unlock opportunites to be a full-stack developer, data scientist or automation engineer. We at would like to congratulate you, on your decision to learn python. At our python training class, we not only teach python, django, automation and data science but also provide certification and placement. You may also join our live projects if you are on a path to become a freelance python developer in Bangalore.

Best python training in Banglore

Learn python programming at India's first and python exclusive training center. You can join our classroom training at HSR Layout and Ramamurthy Nagar, Bangalore. You can also join our live online or virtual training programs at your convenience.

Who should join our python training classes

Anyone can learn python at including absolute beginners. Our courses start from scratch and gives the confidence of learning to all categories of students. Intermediate to advance learners have a lot to engage with our practice series and live projects. With our USP to focus exclusively on python programming, you can expect the most in-depth training on python, in Bangalore. We provide separate and aided class for absolute beginners. Don't worry, if you have never programmed. Attend a free pre-basic session and you shall start to think like a programmer.

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Python Training Benefits

Class timings for python training in Bangalore HSR Layout & Ramamurthy Nagar

Python course outline

Python training key features offer Python classroom training in Bangalore HSR layout, Ramamurthy Nagar and Noida (Delhi). We also offer online training and virtual learning with flexible timings.

  • 50+ hours of training
  • 150+ practice exercises
  • 3 live projects
  • No.1 ranked trainer
  • Certification
  • Placement assistance

Section 1: Basic Python

  • Introduction to Python
  • Python programming syntaxes
  • Variables, scope and memory
  • Operators & Operator precedance
  • Type casting
  • Python data types
  • Numbers - int, float, complex
  • Random numbers
  • math module
  • Strings
  • String formatting
  • String functions
  • Conditions: if-elif-else
  • Loops: for and while
  • break, continue and pass
  • for-else loop
  • Lists
  • List properties and functions
  • List comprehension
  • Tuples
  • Working with tuples
  • Dictionary
  • Mapping information with dictionary
  • Dictionary functions
  • Dictionary comprehension
  • Sets
  • Frozensets
  • Set functions

Section 2: Beyond basics

  • Functions
  • Recursive functions
  • Command-line and default arguments
  • map, filter and reduce
  • lambda functions
  • Modules
  • Importing modules
  • sys module and PYTHONPATH
  • Python packages
  • Data, time and memory
  • Best coding practices
  • Exception handling
  • raise and assert exceptions
  • Creating your own exception
  • Logging errors
  • Configuring error logs
  • Debugging: pdb
  • Working with text files
  • Reading and writing operations
  • Use of with keyword
  • Working with directories
  • os module
  • Database connectivity: sqlite3
  • Regular expression
  • Metacharacters for pattern making
  • re module: functions and flags

Section 3: Advance Python

  • Socket programming
  • Client server architecture and message exchange
  • Classes and objects
  • Object oriented terminologies
  • Inheritance and its types
  • Overriding and overriding rules
  • Method overloading
  • Operator overloading
  • Pseudo private variables
  • Iterators & Generators
  • Decorators and Meta-classes
  • Threads: Meaning & lifecycle
  • Starting, running and locking threads
  • Multi-threading & Multi-processing
  • XML parsing with etree
  • JSON parsing
  • pickle module
  • Email sending automation
  • Email with attachments
  • Numpy - ndarray
  • Pandas dataframe
  • Data visualization with matplotlib
  • Line graph
  • Scatter plot
  • Bar graph
  • Pie chart
Python training pre-requisites

A student seeking python training should know the fundamentals of computing. Even if he/she is new to programming, it is possible to master python. Python can very well learnt as your first programming language. At devU we teach python from scratch so everyone enthusiastic about python is welcome.

Software requirements for python training

Python is portable and also an open source. Any regular laptop or desktop, running any operating system is good to work with python. also offers an online compiler for practice exercises.

Best python training institute in Bangalore is a place exclusive for python learning. We are also the oldest institute for python training classes. You can establish this fact by looking in web archives. Over the past one year, a lot of institutes have mushroomed in Bangalore, claiming to provide the best python training with part-time Java or C programming trainers. Irony is that the syllabus given on their website is not the one followed by their trainers. With python training center in Bangalore, you will not only scratch the surface of what python can do but also built skills to write programs by yourselves. We have permanent trainers who will be available for your doubts and project support, rather than part-time software engineers, trying to make some extra bucks. offers best Python Training in Bangalore and we are proud to mention that our trainer is ranked No. 1 in Bangalore for python, django, automation and data science trainings. Our Python Course in Bangalore covers from scratch to advance all topics, not just syntax but key concepts that you need to become the most sought-after candidate in India's IT capital, Bangalore. The syllabus of the python training begins from installation and setting up the environment and goes beyonds basics with oops concept, exceptions handling etc. to advance concepts like web scraping, email sending automation and socket programming. We teach things that are necessary to master python become a professional python developer. is the institute that develops you into someone who can write code, rather than someone who can only modify it. In case we get a student who is not just new to python but also to programming we provide addition pre-basic lessons.

When you are looking for Python Training in Bangalore, you should look for an institute which has the best trainers. We, at, are the Best Python Training Institute in Bangalore, not just because we are the oldest but also because we are the only exclusive place for in-depth learning. Our teachers are not part-timers. They are available when you need them, even after the course completes. We invite you to meet them and get career counseling. We concentrate on each and every student and monitor their performance through an A.I enabled practice portal. We make sure that everyone in the class understands not just the syntax but also the concept. We provide all training related notes, class notes, practice excerices, interview questions, project source code and resume templates. is located in two places in Bangalore, namely, HSR layout and Ramamurthy Nagar. We are the best Training Institute also in terms of certification and placements. We have a dedicated team to mentor the students post training hours. Our Python Training in Bangalore Course Fees is very nothing compared to its value for money. We are the only Python training institute to feature online practice, regular python meetups and coding competitions.

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Python trainer profile - Ram Sir

Our lead trainer at Bangalore study center is Mr. Ram Kumar. He has a genuine training experience of over 5 years (not counting from the date of graduation). He has delivered corporate trainings on python for top MNC's like Amazon, Cisco, IBM, LnT Infotech, Vodafone, Samsung-Harman, Orange, United Technologies, Capgemini, Allstate, Sony and many more. He is also ranked No. 1 Python trainer in Bangalore by UrbanPro. Bangalore center will ensure that the full training and not just demo class will taken by our top trainers.

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Python training - FAQs Reviews

Rajesh Patil

Firstly, I wanna thank devu for giving me a full hands on training on Python. I was very new in programming, but I never feel that because of the easy and practical classes which they gave me. devU trainers are really good and very friendly. They make the examples really easy to understand. Those who are new to programming or even new to Python must try once.

Julfah sumona

Initially I joined here to learn python. Since, the teaching process was so good that I also continued with the Django course. Trainers are very experienced, co-operative and clear all doubts with good examples. They concentrate more on concept than over the syntax. Overall very good learning experience. Best Institute for Python and Django.

Chaithanya Balan

Even though I studied cs engineering, I didn’t know anything about programming but I joined here and it helped me a lot. Trainer is the best teacher hands down. He has knowledge so he clears all the doubt in one go. Even non programmers can learn easily from him.


Ram has practical approach of teaching python. They focus more of creating the actual programs than just bookish teaching. Anyone who does not have any programming background, can easily grasp and develop programming logic. I really enjoyed the classes and practice exercises.

Nasir Khan

He help us in every part of confusion and clear the confusion in the best analogy. Simple and powerful way of teaching like Python language itself. Highly Recommended.


I joined Python Training Classes conducted by python training institute in Mar 2019. I really like the way they delivered a hands-on session with over 100 practice exercises and 5 projects. Trainers were supportive after the class as well. All python training notes were best quality and I got a life time access for them.

Python Classnotes

Python Puzzle Challange

Question for 1st July 2019

Add the digits of a ten digit mobile number until it is a single digit number.

>>> Enter mobile number: 999997741
Hint: 9+9+9+9+9+7+7+7+4+1 is 64 then 6+4 is 10 then 1+0 is 1 
Output: 1