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ReactJS Training in Bangalore

Reactjs Training in Bangaore
React Training in Bangalore

What is React.js

Facebook created and opensourced a UI Library, called React. This library, initially, used extensively at Facebook, is now a defacto Framework for UI development. It is a toolkit to build UI components. 

React is used to handle the view layer in MVC (Model-View-Controller) architecture. Reusable UI components can be made using ReactJS. It is the most popular JS Library.

What make ReactJS very popular is that the strong foundation and the large community behind it.

2. What companies use ReactJS?

At least 9000 companies have reported to using ReactJS in some form and fashion, mostly in Customer Facing Sites.








3. Developers like ReactJS for the following reasons:


Virtual DOM





Reactive Updates

Learn Once, Apply Anywhere

Community around React

4. What are the Prerequisites for taking the ReactJS course

Even a Fresh Software Engineer can take this course. However, it would be good to have some knowledge in JavaScript, HTML5, and CSS. 

ReactJS uses JSX and not HTML, however, JSX is very similar to HTML and a knowledge on HTML would be sufficient.

You should also research on EcmaScript 2015 syntax, as this is significiantly used in ReactJS programming

5. What Jobs can one expect by Learning React?

You could expect to get a Job of a UI designer, UI developer role in the Project. Since, these are niche skills, organizations give a significant value to the UI designer/developer

6. What Salary can you expect being a UI developer/designer?

Compensation depends upon the experience level of a Professional. However, the Salary Levels of a UI Developer/Designer are equivalent to the Salary Levels commanded by a Java Developer. For a 3 Years Experienced developer, one could expect Salaries in the Range of Rs. 8 Lakhs Per Annum to 16 Lakhs per Annum.

React Training in Bangalore

7. Who should take up a ReactJS Course:

  • Freshers who are interested in making their career either in Front-End Development or as a Full-Stack developer.
  • Mid Level Back End Developers, who would like to transition to Front-End Development or graduiate as a Full-Stack Developer
  • Angular Developers who want add React to their Knowledge base and profile.
  • Native Mobile Developers.

8. How does React Work?

React doesn’t manipulate the browser’s DOM directly, instead it creates a Virtual DOM in memory, where React does all the manipulation, and thereafter, makes changes to the browser DOM.

The libraries in React helps find only what changes need to be made and therafter, those changes are made.

9. React.JS History

ReactJS Current version as on April 2020 is V16.13.11.

The Initial Release of React that was made to the public in July 2013 is V0.3.0.

Facebook used React.JS for the firstime in it’s NewsFeed Feature in 2011.

ReactJS was created by Facebook Software Engineer, Jordon Walke.

create-react-app version 2.0 package was released in October 2018.

Partial List of Topics to be covered in the React Training in Bangalore

Introduction to ReactJS

React UI Frameworks and Styling Components in React JS

ReactJS Architecture

Redux and Advanced React Concepts



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Course Features

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