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Role of HR in covid
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How can the HR help their employees in covid19 pandemic?

How can the HR help their employees in covid19 pandemic?

How can the HR help their employees in covid19 pandemic?

An online survey on the impact of work-from-home on employees during the lockdown has found that work was more “stressful and lethargic” than working from office for most persons.

Extended working hours was a major grievance, with 55.2% claiming to have worked for more than their usual office hours and 91% among them complained of doing so without receiving due incentives. About 59%

Nearly 87% of the respondents felt that companies must evolve clear work-from-home policies focused on the well-being of employees and their motivation.

Nearly 49% of the respondents were experiencing work-from-home for the first time in their careers.

How can the HR help their employees in such situations?

Develop culture of support

HR should create a safe environment where employees can be vocal when they are feeling overwhelmed or frustrated with work. Employees need to know that they can always turn to their bosses for help and guidance when they are going through several mental issues. Stress can be better managed in organisations if HR is trained to minimize workplace stress thus providing appropriate guidance to the employees.

Make mental health a priority

Mental health can be prioritized by sharing information on mindfulness, stress management, self-care, yoga etc. If your employees are going through health issues, it will definitely affect their productivity and hence impact the outcome of the company. When organisations or HR attempt to ameliorate the stress environment, naturally employees tend to become healthier, take fewer sick leaves and their productivity levels soar high.

Relax rules of leave

HR must encourage employees to take sick leaves to take care of their mental health and that can be achieved by removing the harsh rules of paid leave. It is the responsibility of the HR and organisations to ensure that their employees are keeping in good health. After all, the company depends on the hard work and productivity of its employees.


Many studies have revealed that factors such as noisy traffic, noisy work space, natural lighting etc., can have a significant impact on mental health. HR should ensure proper work environment where people can feel comfortable. Things like natural lighting, calming artwork, good ventilation and comfortable furniture play a huge role as well.

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