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Scope of MBA in HR

Scope of MBA in HR:

What is MBA?

MBA (Master of business administration) is a post-graduation degree of two years and mainly focuses on developing business and management skills.

What is HR?

HR (Human resource) is a part of any business which is involved in hiring. Screening, recruiting, training, and in the employee benefits program.HR is again divided into many categories like recruiting, employee benefits and compensation, payroll, training, and development, etc. 

Importance of HR?

Every organization either it is a startup or a multinational company requires HR so that the company gets the best candidates and helps the company in fulfilling its goals. HR makes sure the company gets the most of it from the hired candidates. HR plays a very important role in any company as they are the first point of contact for the people from the hiring phase until they are survived in the company. HR must possess good communication skills as they represent their company while talking with the job applicants also they must be approachable to the employees in case they face any issues in the company. HR is the link between the employee-manager, employee-employee, employee-company. A company runs smoothly when it has a good HR team.

Why MBA in HR?

When you know the destination, paths automatically make their way similarly when you are sure that you want to pursue your career in HR doing MBA will add many advantages to it. By studying MBA your basic foundation will be strong and it becomes easier for you to understand the concepts in the future. Although any individual can apply for an HR position but the companies who are more specific would consider you in the first place rather than someone who is completely from a different educational background. HR is vast in itself and has many categories to explore so by doing MBA you will understand in which field exactly you have the interest. It can either be management, recruiter, payroll, etc.

Advantages of doing an MBA in HR:

  1. Good salary package: People who will do MBA in HR will be offered a good salary and also have great chances to get an increment in the present CTC.
  1. Exposure to more opportunities: as mentioned earlier HR is vast and comes up with many opportunities so you get to explore various fields depending on your area of interest.
  1. Adopt leadership qualities: Who doesn’t want to lead a team in their life? With just graduation, you get to learn only the basics but with an MBA in HR you will learn in-depth knowledge, hands-on experience, and the latest trends in the industry which is required for any leading position
  1. Personality development: As an HR it is very important to present yourself properly. Your actions, gestures, posture, the way you speak, your dressing sense speaks a lot about you. With an MBA in HR, you improve these skills which makes you a better person.
  1. Job stability: Because you have post-graduation in MBA and have improved skills you will be an asset to the company and during any financial crisis your company will consider you and your job is secured.

Job opportunities for MBA in HR:

  1. HR Generalist: This is an entry-level job for the fresher’s who are responsible for recruiting the right candidates, explaining the company policies, explaining about the company and its services, etc.
  1. Technical recruiter: Recruiter in general means the one who hires it can be either technical or non-technical. A technical recruiter is the one who hires candidates for technical job profiles.
  1. HR director: This is the manager level position. The HR director is the one who is the head of HR’s and is responsible for the compensations, or any other issues related to employee satisfaction basically he is responsible to see if everything is going smoothly in the company.
  1. Human resource analyst: A HR analyst is responsible for maintaining the relations between employee and the manager, Taking one-one sessions for the employees, addressing their issues, creating reports for the same, etc.


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