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Tableau Certification Training Course

Tableau Training in Bangalore
Tableau Training in Bangalore

Why Learn Tableau?

Tableau is a very powerful Software Tool used in all Major companies across the globe. This tool helps to create very powerful Graphical Visualization of Data stored in Various Data Sources. This helps anyone see and understand their data. In a world, where all major decisions are made based on Data, Tableau continues to gain acceptance. Learning Tableau is important to be able to perform these challenging tasks.

Tableau helps to simplify raw data into a very easily understandable format. Data analysis is very fast with Tableau. The visualizations are created in the form of dashboards and worksheets. You can learn Tableau Online or attend a Tableau Certification Training in You could also learn Tableau using tutorials.

Tableau can connect to almost any database, visualizations can be created by simple drag and drop. These Visualizations can be shared with a click. Tableau (Corporations) also provides multiple levels of certification in Tableau. You should pick up a course, which helps you attain these certifications in Tableau.

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Tableau a Market-Leader

  • Tableau is a Business Intelligence Platform that turns the data into insight that drives action.
  • Tableau is the most powerful tool from Connection to Collaboration
  • Tableau is a secure and flexible end to end analytics platform for corporate data.
  • Tableau is designed for individuals, scaled for the enterprise.
  • Tableau is the only Business Intelligence Platform that turns your data into insights that drive action

Learning Tableau should lead you to get Certification in Tableau, which has a significant value in the Market.

Is Data Visualization that Important?

Data visualization is the act of presending data in a visual context, such as a map or graph. The human mind is able to relate to images more than streams of data. Data Visualization is the only way that Human Minds are able to detect patterns, trends, and outliers in a group of data.

Data Visualization plays a very big role in how large corporate decisions are made. As such, if you have taken a Tableau Training, you would be part of the Team, which makes visuals, which help corporate makes decisions. Learning Tableau is a step in this direction, that you get a sense of the various Data Visualization aspects in a curated format.

Why use Tableau software when there are a whole lot of tools available to perform data visualization?

  • Ease and simplicity to use the tool. One can really learn Tableau relatively faster than other tools.
  • Tableau is relatively simpler to learn and you could go through a Training in Tableau to master this product
  • You can go through a Certification in Tableau to be certified by Tableau, which has a high value in the Market

Companies using Tableau

Vodafone, Facebook, Dell, General Motors, KPMG, Bank of America, JP Morgan Chase.

How to learn Tableau?

Training in Tableau can be taken by people who are currently in the IT field and would like to switch Jobs and Career or by Freshers and Graduates who are looking at entering the IT Field.

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Tableau Training in Bangalore

Tableau Course is Ideal for

  1. Data Scientists,
  2. Business Intelligence Professionals
  3. Testing Professionals
  4. Statisticians, Business Analysts
  5. Project Managers
  6. Data Visualization Analysts
  7. Functional Experts
  8. Graduates and Professionals looking to move into the analytics domain
  9. Levels of Tableau Certification

Tableau Certifications are carried out by Tableau. There are different levels of Certifications as follows:

  • Tableau Desktop Exams:
    • Specialist – Desktop
    • Certified Associate – Desktop
    • Certified Professional – Desktop
  • Tableau Server Exams
    • Certified Associate
    • Certified Professional

More details on Certification in Tableau and Certification Requirements can be checked on Tableau Website:

Click here to download the upcoming batch details

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I attended the Tableau Certification Training at The training met my expectations​
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The Trainer providing the Tableau Certification Training at was very experienced and could explain us the nuisances of Tableau. Overall a very good training​
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Course Features

  • Students 246 students
  • Max Students50
  • Duration30 hour
  • Skill levelintermediate
  • LanguageEnglish
  • Re-take course2
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