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Top 10 career options of Python developers in 2020

Top 10 Careers in Python

The year 2020 can be
a new chapter of the Tech innovation era as technology experts
(Technocrats)/developers are working so many new experiments. And as a result,
they come up with a unique tech methodology each year, either it is in
programming (coding), Artificial intelligence (AI), or anything else. 

Now let’s come to the point, but before proceeding further, firstly, you should need to know in short – Who is Python developerPython developer uses Python programming language to develop, implement, and debug a project. Python developer work is to create an application, built tools, design the code framework, etc. Also, he/she works with data collection and analytics to provide valuable answers to queries and give insight whenever necessary.

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Technology has become advanced today, and people with technical facilities are getting more successful in their respective fields. The significant development brought by artificial intelligence, automation, robotics, virtual assistant, and lots more can help someone to make a career in Python Development.

These technologies help the world to boost productivity, safety, convenience, increase efficiency, and lots more. Now it is time for the technical students to upgrade their skills and knowledge. The more they gain expertise, the more chances are there for them to excel well in the technical fields. 

Also, 2020 is the year to
make a flourished career in python
, grabbing impeccable opportunities as we can see in Python developers’ careers. And
below is the list of top 10 technology jobs for Python Developers:

1 Software Engineer:

Yes, with Python expertise, you can surely become a software developer or the engineering lead. You will be responsible for having profound knowledge about applications, computer programs, software operations, and lots more. You need to have sound knowledge about planning, processing, designing, and developing the software and application systems. You need to have a Bachelor’s in Computer Applications or B.Tech in Computer Science Engineering.

2 Web Developer:

The companies are nowadays hiring skilled web developers who will handle all the designing and development of the website for the companies. He or she must know how to develop and design web pages via different coding languages like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery, and lots more. All you need to have is a degree in Bachelors in Computer Science or Computer Applications. Profound knowledge in My SQL, Ajax, and different coding languages. 

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3 Security Engineer:

Prepare, document operating procedures, identifying, defining, and examining system security requirements and developing the technical solutions and tools to nullify security hassles. You need to have an engineering degree in Software, knowledge, and experience in network security, network technologies. Also, familiar with web-related technologies like web applications, web services, web-related protocols, service-oriented architectures, and lots more. 

4 Cloud Engineer:

Python developer in 2020 can be a cloud engineer. A cloud engineer is responsible for cloud management and helping companies to navigate their cloud computing requirements such as infrastructure design, planning, supporting, maintenance, and everything. Bachelor in Engineering or Computer Science is required to become a Cloud Engineer. Moreover, you need knowledge about all the cloud platforms and operations. 

5 Data Scientist:

The data scientist of a company will be responsible for discovering information and data for making smarter decisions and growth. You need knowledge about Python, SQL, and other coding languages.

6 Cloud Architect:

Cloud Architect will be managing the cloud infrastructure of the company and will strategize the role of maintaining cloud systems that include front end problems, management works, technology systems, server management, and lots more. You need a computer engineering degree, computer science bachelors and technology degree.

7 Scrum Master:

A person or expert needs to add scrum to produce high-quality work. Scrum Master Position includes managing timelines, solving issues, agile methodologies, coordinate sprints, retrospective meetings, software development, and lots more.

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8 Google Cloud Architecture:

Google Cloud Architecture includes solving issues and managing Google Cloud Architecture of the company. You need to have knowledge elements like G Suite, and you need to have a degree in computer science and Google Cloud Certification.

9 Software Development Manager:

As a python expert, you can be a software development manager of a good company. This job includes developing software and also assisting the company in developing business and boosting sales of software.

10 Software Testing Executive:

You have to test all the software, develop new software, and rectify software issues of the company. You need to have a software engineering degree, computer science degree, and computer applications. 

These are the job opportunities for Python experts where they need to upgrade their skills and knowledge as per the job description.

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