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Why we need to do SEO for Website

SEO Training in Bangalore

Why we need to do SEO for Website?

If you are a Business owner or Having a blog website, you know Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is important. But do you Know how it is benefit to your business by optimizing website?

Approximate 65% of traffic comes to website from organic search results from different search engine (Like Google, Bing and Yahoo etc). With Google being the word most top one search engine, in seo Google search engine optimization is must to increasing visibility of business online.

Takes time to Rank in SERP but Get good leads

It can take time to rank your website in SERP (Search Engine Rank Page) but once it start ranking you may accept good quality of leads. Also get organic traffic to website

High Return on Investment(ROI)

Experts and old history show that 50% of revenue is occurs by organic traffic (Via SEO) and 20% of local online searches lead to a make purchase within a day

SEO is Quantifiable

There are different tools available and using these tools we can keep track of your web site’s performance and website health checkup. Using Google Analytics and Search Console you can get following analytics:

  • What kind of audience your targeting also what kind of content your appealing them?
  • Type of traffic generating to your website.
  • You can check number of page views, landing pages and exit pages etc.
  • Track Lead Source, Goals, Demographics Data

Based on analytics information you can improve your business or even these data help in taking feature business decisions for improvement.

SEO Offers Trust

Many peoples not believe on ads listing in SERP those users more trust on organic listing. Because some time ads may point to different topic ads. SEO Result is more accurate and trust worthy compare to page Ads in SERP

Website Loading speed has long been an important factor in google search engine optimization and it provides added convenience for customers.

In more recent years, sites that are mobile friendly also rank higher in search engines.

A Website with great UX and UI helps you Boosting your ranking in search engines, it is a good sign of professionalism that builds loyalty and credibility with your customers.

Local SEO Helps in Generating Local Leads with Traffic

Best Resource for doing Local SEO is Google My Business Page. Google listing business pages no top position before listing SEO Result. Searching through businesses on maps helps users gain knowledge and trust of your business.

Our SEO Training Covers how to Implement SEO to Website.

If you are looking to Optimize your business’s website or blog our course helps you also we guide step by step how to optimize website from scratch to till rank in SERP.

For more details visit SEO Training in Bangalore

Major Modules includes in SEO Training

  • On Page SEO
  • Off Page SEO
  • Technical SEO